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Great Habits, Great Readers Workshop


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What does it take to make all of our students great readers—especially now that the Common Core State Standards define reading at a higher degree of rigor than ever before?  Based on the experiences of the highest-achieving early reading teachers, the Great Habits, Great Readers workshop answers this question and many more.  The Reading model presented in this workshop is structured around the habits that consistently produce outstanding reading results—actions that can be replicated in any school, by any teacher.  It’s not just about finding the right texts (though we’ll cover that); it’s not just about making discussions more text-dependent (though we’ll address that, too). At its heart, the Reading-by-Habit model is about transforming that moment when a child gets something wrong into an opportunity to teach the habits that will help him or her get it right.

We will be offering differentiated sessions based on grade levels. On day one, you will be able to choose between a K-2 track focused on reading instruction within the Lexile Range of 50L -500L and a 2-4 track focused on the Lexile Range of 500L-900L+.

By the workshop’s conclusion, all participants will be able to:

  • Teach Common Core standards via text-dependent guided reading lessons
  • Analyze reading data to make every lesson count by teaching exactly what each student needs
  • Select effective challenging narrative and informational texts and design lesson plans that allow students to succeed with these text
  • Lead effective conversations around reading by leveraging writing tasks, charting and targeted questioning

Participants will be able to choose between differentiated workshops that address the following:

  • Coach teachers in making the Reading-by-Habit model happen in their classrooms
  • Teach strong read-aloud and reading comprehension skills lessons in grades K-2
  • Teach strong shared reading lessons that use close reading techniques in grades 2-4

In addition to expert training in all these areas, participants will receive:

  • A copy of the book Great Habits, Great Readers
  • A USB of 200+ video clips that capture the most effective reading teachers in action
  • Full-length guided reading prompting guides for both narrative and informational texts organized by lexile levels
  • All the professional development materials you’ll need to turnkey this training in your own schools