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Uncommon NYC School Tours


Uncommon Schools will offer tours to prospective families every week from January 16th through March 31st. We encourage prospective families to learn more about our schools and the application process through an in-person public tour. Please see the chart below for locations, dates, and times for our school tours.


To register and RSVP for a tour please click here


School Name Grades served in 2017-2018 School Address Office Number Date and Time of Weekly Tour
Elementary Schools        
Excellence Boys Charter School Elementary Academy   Grades K-4 225 Patchen Avenue 718-638-1830 Friday, 7:30AM
Excellence Girls Charter School Elementary Academy  Grades K-4 794 Monroe Street,3rd Floor 718-638-1875 Friday, 9:00AM
Kings Elementary School Grades K-1 1784 Park Place 347-390-0460 Wednesday, 8:15AM
Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Elementary Academy  Grades K-4 141 Macon Street, 1st Floor 718-636-0360 Friday, 8:00AM
Leadership Prep Brownsville Elementary Academy  Grades K-4 985 Rockaway Ave, 3rd Floor 718-669-7461 Wednesday, 9:30AM
Leadership Prep Canarsie Elementary Academy  Grades K-3 1001 E. 100 St., 3rd Floor 347-390-0570 Wednesday, 9:00AM
Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Elementary Academy  Grades K-4 51 Christopher Ave, 3rd Floor 718-250-5767 Friday, 7:30AM
Middle Schools        
Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Charter School  Grades 5-8 800 Gates Avenue, 4th Floor 718-669-7460 Friday, 7:30AM
Brooklyn East Collegiate Charter School  Grades 5-8 80 Underhill Avenue, 2nd Floor 718-250-5760 Thursday, 9:00AM
Brownsville Collegiate Charter School Grades 5-8 364 Sackman Street, 4th Floor 718-636-0370 Tuesday, 10:00AM
Kings Collegiate Charter School  Grades 5-8 1084 Lenox Rd, 4th Floor 718-342-6047 Monday, 9:00AM
Leadership Prep Canarsie Middle Academy  Grade 5-8 1070 E. 104 St., 3rd Floor 347-390-0560 Monday, 11:00AM
Ocean Hill Collegiate Charter School Grades 5-8 1137 Herkimer Street, 4th Floor 718-250-5765 Thursday, 10:00AM
Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School  Grades 5-8 157 Wilson Street, 4th Floor 718-302-4018 Thursday, 12:30PM