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Apply Now for 2018-2019!


The application deadline for our 2018-19 Kindergarten and 5th Grade lotteries is Monday, April 2nd at 12:00pm.


There is no cost to apply to or attend an Uncommon school. Uncommon Schools are free public charter schools serving students in grades K-12. To learn more or to visit one of our schools, visit our FAQs page or contact us at or 718-363-5024.


Uncommon Schools is also accepting applications for a small number of remaining openings in the 2017-18 school year.  If you are interested in immediate enrollment please call 718-363-5024.  If you would like to submit an application for the current 2017-18 school year please complete the 2018-19 application and contact the enrollment office at 718-363-5024 or We will then add your child's application to the waitlist for this current year. 


How to Apply

Click on the button below to create and submit an application.

You will be directed to create an account within our online enrollment system, SchoolMint. After you create an account, you will be able to complete and submit the application online.

You can apply for:

  1. The Lottery: For students who will be in Kindergarten or 5th grade in the fall of 2018
  2. The Waitlist: For students who will be in any grade, K-8, in the fall of 2018



You can also click below to download an application and apply by:


Our School Locations

Uncommon Schools operates 23 public charter schools in Brooklyn.

We create safe and supportive learning environments while teaching students the academic skills and character traits necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

To find a school near you, use the map below. Blue pins represent our elementary schools, orange pins represent our middle schools.


Elementary Schools (K-4)

Middle Schools (5-8)

225 Patchen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233
794 Monroe Street, Brooklyn, NY 11221
Kings Elementary School (K-2 Only in 2018-19)
905 Winthrop Street, Brooklyn, NY 11203
141 Macon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216
985 Rockaway Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212
1001 E. 100 St., Brooklyn, NY 11236
51 Christopher Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212
800 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11221
80 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
364 Sackman Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212
225 Patchen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233
1600 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11233
1084 Lenox Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11212
141 Macon Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216
213 Osborn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212
1070 E. 104 St., Brooklyn, NY 11236
51 Christopher Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11212
1137 Herkimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11233
157 Wilson Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Uncommon Schools does not accept high school applications at this time, but you are welcome to submit applications for all  other grades, Kindergarten through 8th.