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Organizational Timeline

  • 1997: North Star Academy founded in Newark, New Jersey.
  • 2005:
    • Uncommon Schools formalizes its mission as a charter management organization with the goal of starting and managing schools that create transformative college prep opportunities for low-income children.
    • Uncommon Schools begins managing North Star Academy Downtown Middle School, North Star Academy Clinton Hill Middle School, North Star Academy High School, Excellence Boys Elementary School, and Williamsburg Collegiate Middle School.
  • 2006: Uncommon Schools opens Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Elementary School and Rochester Prep Middle School.
  • 2007: Uncommon Schools opens North Star Academy Vailsburg Elementary School and Kings Collegiate Middle School.
  • 2008: Uncommon Schools opens Excellence Boys Middle School and Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Middle School.
  • 2009: Uncommon Schools opens Excellence Girls Elementary School, Leadership Prep Brownsville Elementary School, Brownsville Collegiate Middle School, Uncommon Charter High School, and Troy Prep Middle School.
  • 2010:
    • Uncommon Schools opens North Star Academy West Side Park Elementary School, North Star Academy Vailsburg Middle School, Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Elementary School, Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Middle Academy, Ocean Hill Collegiate Middle School, Brooklyn East Collegiate Middle School, and Rochester Prep Elementary School.
    • Roxbury Prep Charter School, Mission Hill Campus in Boston formally joins the Uncommon Schools network.
  • 2011: Uncommon Schools opens North Star Academy Fairmount Elementary School, Rochester Prep Middle School – West Campus, Roxbury Prep Charter School, Lucy Stone Campus, and Troy Prep Elementary School. 
  • 2012: Uncommon Schools opens North Star Academy Elementary School 4, North Star Academy West Side Park Middle School, Uncommon Collegiate Charter School and Roxbury Prep Charter School, Dorchester Campus.  
  • 2013: Uncommon Schools opens Excellence Girls Middle Academy, Leadership Prep Brownsville Middle Academy, Leadership Prep Canarsie Elementary Academy, Leadership Prep Canarsie Middle Academy, Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Middle Academy, and Rochester Prep West Campus Elementary School
  • 2014: Uncommon Schools opens Camden Prep Whitman Park Elementary School, Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School, Rochester Prepartory High School, and North Star Academy Alexander Elementrary School.