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What Makes Us Uncommon


Uncommon (adj) \ˌən-ˈkä-mən\: unusual, remarkable, exceptional


What makes us Uncommon? Here's what Uncommoners have to say. We also invite you to check out information on our People Development system and Teacher Training approach.


We are exceptionally committed to students! We live and breathe student achievement, and when we see that learning has occurred, it is our greatest pay-off."


I think it's pretty uncommon that every single person sitting at their desk or standing in front of their classroom across 30+ school buildings and offices in 5 cities in 3 states is united by a crystal-clear vision of college graduation for every student.”


I worked at one school and two other organizations before coming to Uncommon, and I can tell you that in my experience, it's uncommon to work among colleagues who take such an interest in you as an individual - as a real person! From the CEO down, we all say hello, and when we ask how you're doing, we really want to hear the answer. I love that."


What makes us Uncommon? Hands-down, our commitment to honest feedback and personal reflection. Let's be honest, sometimes constructive criticism can hit you like a ton of bricks - that's life - but then you pick those bricks up and begin building a better, more reflective, more effective self. I've been building - I've been growing - since day one here."


It's funny to think about "uncommon" meaning 'exceptional'. We're not exceptional. We're committed, and we bring our best effort to the classroom every single day because our students deserve it. Our students are exceptional to us...we see the light in their eyes, the curiosity in their minds, the struggle on their hardest days, and we respect them for the tremendous effort they bring. But in reality, they are not exceptional either, in a sense. They could be any students, anywhere. EVERY student is capable of hard work and achievement on the path to college. Our students are like students everywhere, but they have the benefit of being in an uncommonly structured learning environment customized for maximal achievement. So...while this may be uncommon compared to the rest of the country, it is very basic and intuitive to us."


It is a sad testament to our nation, but it is uncommon to believe that every student has what it takes to get to and through college, if that is what they choose for their future. We believe that - fiercely. That is what makes us uncommon."