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Importance of Diversity in the Classroom

Uncommon Schools recognizes the importance of building a talented staff of teachers who reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our students. While excellent teachers of all races, identities, and backgrounds serve our students, teachers and leaders of color enable students to see themselves within the strong educators who lead their classrooms each and every day. STF is part of Uncommon's commitment to attracting, hiring, and retaining teachers from underrepresented backgrounds in order to enrich our students' learning experiences.


Program Description

Summer Teaching Fellows come from college campuses across the United States to observe, learn from, and co-teach with Mentor Teachers who are currently full-time, high-performing teachers within our Uncommon schools. STF is currently offered in Boston (MA), Newark (NJ), Brooklyn (NY), Rochester (NY), and Troy (NY) and Fellows serve students in grades K-12. The format and experience of the fellowship varies by region and the grade level in which a Fellow has been placed.

Candidates can indicate their choice of region and grade level (elementary, middle, or high) on the application and, if selected, will be notified of specific STF placement info in mid-May. Please note that positions in preferred geographic locations and grade levels may not always be available due to varied capacity and size of each region. To increase your chances of being placed in your areas of preference, apply early. For more questions regarding preferred regions, look to the FAQs for more information.

During the end of the regular school year, most Fellows will observe classrooms, support their Mentor Teacher, and potentially lead individual or small group student instruction. When the regular school year ends and Summer Academy commences, Fellows progress to leading instruction for a full class of students, allowing for direct teaching experience still with the support and guidance of a Mentor. Fellows receive regular feedback and coaching from their Summer Academy Director (leader of Summer Academy) and Mentor Teacher. Depending on the region and grade level, Fellows may lesson plan and build curriculum for their summer class with the support of their Mentor Teacher and Summer Academy Director.

Fellows will also participate in professional development sessions around teaching taxonomies, as well as regular check-in and feedback meetings with their Mentor Teacher and/or Summer Academy Director. Fellows will have many opportunities to gain the experience and support necessary to develop, grow, and enhance their instructional skills.