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I'm studying abroad this spring and won't be able to attend an interview. Can I still apply?

Due to the fact that in-person interviews are required, candidates who are studying abroad cannot always be considered. If you will be studying abroad in the winter, submit your application by the first deadline and plan to meet during your spring semester. If you will be studying abroad in the Spring of 2018 and will be back before the start of the program on May 28th, 2018, submit your application before the January 15th early decision deadline to secure an in person interview date before the spring semester. Please feel free to email for more information on next steps and clarification prior to submitting an application. If you are interested in STF, eligible to apply, and are in this situation, please email for more information and next steps prior to submitting an application.

I do not currently have a 3.0 GPA, but am working towards it this semester. Can I still apply?

Please note that in order to apply for STF, one of the eligibility requirements is that you have a current undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. If you are selected as a Fellow, you must also maintain above a 3.0 GPA to be considered for a full-time teaching role upon completion of the program. If you are in this situation, please email us at prior to submitting an application. We may request that you provide an unofficial transcript and we will then be in touch with you about your ability to proceed with an application based on your current academic standing.

How soon should I expect to hear from the STF Team after submitting my application?

You can expect to hear from a member of our team within 3 weeks of your submitting an application. Please allow for 4 weeks to hear from us if you plan to submit an application during the winter holiday season (December 15th- January 2nd), If you do not hear from us within 3 weeks of submitting an application, please feel free to email to request an update.

In what cities are Fellows placed?

STF is currently offered in Boston (MA), Newark (NJ), Brooklyn (NY), Rochester (NY), Troy (NY), and Camden (NJ). Candidates can indicate their choice of location on the application and, if selected, will be notified of specific STF placement sites in the spring. The application provides you an opportunity to rank your preference in regions and the STF Team will do their best to source candidates to their first or second preference. Please note that positions in your preferred location may not always be available.

How competitive is the Fellowship, and which are the most competitive regions?

Selection rates vary by site. To maximize your chance of being selected, we encourage you to apply early and be thorough and thoughtful in your application. Take time to review and proofread your resume and short essay answers before submission. Decisions are made on a rolling basis and while our review criteria are consistent throughout the process, as the selection season progresses, there are fewer positions available each week.

How can I communicate my top choice region(s)?

When completing the application candidates will have an option to select their primary and secondary geographic preference. You will also have a question where you can inform us of your level of geographic flexibility. The selection options include “I prefer to be considered for my top choice only”, “I prefer my top two choices, but I’m open to other sites”, “I am equally open to my top two options”, “I am totally flexible.” Because the STF Team uses solely this question to source candidates to specific regions, please be as candid as possible when answering. For example, if a candidate were to choose Brooklyn as choice one and Newark as choice two, but mentioned that they are totally flexible there is a likelihood that said candidate may be placed elsewhere.

Will the school campus where I interview automatically be where I am placed during the Fellowship?

Not always. While you will be placed in the region of your interview, your specific campus placement in that region will vary. Some of our schools have more free space than others, and it is therefore easier for us to host interview days at those campuses in those regions. If you are extended an offer as Fellow, you will be notified of your specific STF campus placement in the spring, but you can assume that the region will remain the same.

If I am accepted for STF and am then considered for a full-time teaching opportunity after I graduate, will I be placed at the same campus where I completed the Fellowship?

Most likely, yes. If you get accepted to the Fellowship and we’d like to consider you for a full-time role after completion of the program, that is a wonderful place to be and is absolutely the goal of STF! Because you will have gotten the opportunity to get familiarized with both the students and staff at the campus where you were a Fellow, it will also most likely be the campus that will offer you a full-time teaching role. For this reason, it is incredibly important for you to select the region where you see yourself long-term, not just for the summer. Again, please be as candid as possible when answering the application questions about your level of geographic flexibility.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes. Fellows receive an overall Fellowship stipend of $3,500 (for Elementary or Middle School Fellows) or $6,000 (for High School Fellows) and an additional travel stipend of $150-$400 (depending on placement region). The amount of the overall stipend and the travel stipend will vary by the region and grade level in which a Fellow is placed. Please note that all stipends are subject to applicable taxes and fees.

Will housing be provided?

Yes. We provide shared, dormitory-style housing. For Fellows who opt out of the housing and find their own accommodation for the summer, we will provide an additional $800 housing stipend (subject to applicable taxes and fees).

Do I need to be an education major?

No. A major in education or prior teaching experience is not required for admittance into the program; however, the strongest candidates exhibit a demonstrated passion for working with students and an interest in pursuing teaching as a profession long-term.

What grade level will I be teaching?

Fellows may be placed in any classroom from K-12. You will be able to indicate your grade level interest on the application. As with region, please note that a position in your preferred grade level interest may not always be available.

I graduate in December of 2018. Can I apply to the program for Summer 2018?

Yes. If you are a December 2018 graduate, you are eligible to apply to STF for the Summer 2018 cycle. If you are graduating in December 2019, you are not eligible for STF 2018, however, we encourage you apply for our 2019 cohort.

I am in a five-year program. Can I apply to the program for Summer 2018?

If you are in a five-year program, please apply to STF for the summer between your fourth and fifth year. For example, if you will complete your degree program in Spring 2019, you should apply for Summer 2018.

Can graduate students apply for STF?

STF is only open to college undergraduates who are rising seniors. For admittance in the Summer 2018 cycle, you must be graduating in December 2018 or Spring 2019. Uncommon has a range of other positions that would be suitable for recent graduates and graduate students. Please visit our Job Board to view current openings.





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