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STF Alumni Profiles


More than a summer teaching opportunity, STF prepares Fellows for full-time teaching positions with Uncommon after graduation. Program alumni have gone on to become lead teachers, instructional leaders, Deans of Students, STF Mentors, Summer Academy Directors, and much more. Alumni have established strong bonds with one another and continue to build relationships and community long after their time in the program ends.

Uncommon also offers a Campus Ambassadors program that allows new STF alumni to expand their impact. Alumni completing their undergraduate careers receive stipends to share their experience in the program on their campuses with perspective candidates and help to recruit the next cohort of Summer Teaching Fellows.


Hear testimonials from our Alumni and Mentor Teachers:


 The Summer Teaching Fellowship was truly life changing for me on both a personal and professional level. Personally, I formed relationships with my cohort members and my mentor that I know will last me a lifetime. Professionally, I ended my summer with a new-found confidence in my abilities as a teacher and confirmation that my chosen path to be an educator was absolutely the right one.” –STF 2016 Alumna


STF was the first time I had been around so many people who were as passionate as I was about urban education reform. It was stimulating, invigorating, and reassuring to know that there were other people in the world who cared so much about student success. After every conversation or workshop with my cohort members, I felt inspired and motivated to strive for the best and keep doing the work that I am doing. –STF 2015 Alumnus


As a Summer Teaching Fellow, I saw myself grow daily from the ongoing coaching and feedback I received from my Mentor Teacher, school leader, and Summer Academy Director. I became better in not only executing lessons, but in understanding how to inspire joyful and purposeful student learning.” -STF 2011 Alumnus


During my Fellowship, I was challenged by the people in my cohort and by the thoughtful and strategically planned experiences that make up this powerful program. Everything from professional development sessions, to student interactions, to mentor teacher guidance, to cohort meetings added a new layer of knowledge, joy, and consciousness. That summer shaped so much of my thinking. Six years later, I am still with Uncommon and the STF experience is one that I will cherish as I continue to grow in this profession.” -STF 2010 Alumna


My Fellow superseded my expectations! Beyond looking for ways to improve and becoming a better teacher, I expected for the fellow to be passionate and open-minded, and she was all of these things and more.” -STF Mentor Teacher


My Fellow was willing to put in the work every day. Over seven short weeks, it was amazing to see how much he grew in his teaching but also in how he connected with his students on such a deep and meaningful level. If he had to teach a full class of students tomorrow, I’m confident that he could do it.” -STF Mentor Teacher