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STF Alumni Profiles


More than a summer teaching opportunity, STF prepares Fellows for full-time teaching positions with Uncommon after graduation. Program alumni have gone on to become lead teachers, instructional leaders, principals, Deans of Students, STF Mentors, Summer Academy Directors, and much more. Alumni have established strong bonds with one another and continue to build relationships and community long after their time in the program ends.

Uncommon also offers a Campus Ambassadors program that allows new STF alumni to expand their impact. Alumni completing their undergraduate careers receive stipends to share their experience in the program on their campuses with perspective candidates and help to recruit the next cohort of Summer Teaching Fellows.


Read testimonials from our Alumni:


Jazmine Grant
STF 2011 Alumni

Principal, Ocean Hill Elementary School

Jazmine Grant at Excellence Boys Charter School I consider STF to be one of my best experiences yet.  This 7 week fellowship helped solidify my life’s calling. Entering the program, I wasn’t sure if teaching was the right next step for me However, by the end of the summer, I knew I wanted to make a difference and be the best teacher I could possibly be.  And now 7 years later, I remain committed to changing history.”




Flosha Tejada
STF 2010 Alumni
Director of Completion, Kings Collegiate Charter School
Flosha Tejada, STF 2010 Alumni

As a rising senior in college, interested in transformative education but oblivious to the extensive practical opportunities, I looked to the STF program for answers – and I got them! The weekly programing supported my hunger for the theoretical and intellectual part of teaching, meanwhile the professional development sessions challenged my practice and refined my skills. The Uncommon students I had the privilege to teach that summer truly influenced my decision to join like-minded individuals in the pursuit of our college mission to change history. I am grateful and honored to be a part of the STF family!”


Quinterrence Bell
STF 2011 Alumni
Principal, Excellence Boys Elementary Academy

STF was truly the highlight of my college career! During the 7 weeks that I was in this program, I created a lifelong bond with the work associated with being an educator. 7 years later, STF has continued to open doors for me and create a wide array of networks for me within Uncommon Schools. This internship exemplifies the work of creating social activist for the classroom.”